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Prayer: Let me stay

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God, you already know this, but I have a situation here. My school might have to transfer me and my sister into another school because we don’t live in their district anymore. I simply can not bear going to another school God! I love my school and I love my community there. I am doing well in wrestling and academics. I have been going there for two years already and this will be my third. God, you know my situation and how important it is to me. I have already asked my closest teacher what I could do, and I will do all I could do to stay. But Lord, I need your confirmation. Help me be able to continue my high school years in this school. I’ll trust you with all my heart.


Oh look, a Bunny!

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I was out taking pictures for my photography class today. I’m  flocking around  all the unusual places of my campus in efforts of taking amazing pictures. I climb over some bushes to squeeze myself into a cramped space. Now, I’m just squatting behind some bushes trying to get some interesting angles. Though I must have appeared like a stalker, rest assured, I’m not.  I look to my right and surprise! I see a cute baby bunny! I gave a little yelp of glee and slowly inched towards it. As I was approaching it, it scurried away. Thankfully, it’s short legs didn’t carry it very far. Being the relentless photographer I am, I eagerly stalked it, crawling on my elbows and dodging some bushes. Dang it, I guess I am a stalker. Anyways, once I caught up to my new furry friend, it seemed to have settled. Here’s what it looked like:


Ain't it snug!


I was surprised how still it was! Either it was one very chill bunny, or one very frightened bunny. Being a little daring, I slowly reached my fingers towards it. Oh it was simply joy and electricity when my sweaty fingers landed on its soft coat. Its furry goodness was enough to keep me happy for the day. The situation ended with me and my photography buddies taking turns petting the little guy. After a good dose of touching the cute baby bunny, we left it in peace and cheerfully walked away.

Yesterday’s freshly pressed article “Heaven and L” (  was a particular blog that inspired me to start blogging. I won’t give it all away, but it talks about a woman named Bunny who was a real blessing to another person. Just by being nice, Bunny had changed someone’s life. Anyways, it’s a really awesome blog so go read it!

What can I say, I’m inspired.

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I read a lot of blogs today. Quite honestly I am fascinated by how enjoyable viewing the world through other’s perspective can be. I am also in awe of their captivating writing styles. The word choice, syntax, the structure, everything! To think, ordinary people could be so… unordinary, intriguing. I found it just so easy reading their blogs, getting sucked into their world. It felt as if I had once lived in their lives, as if I actually knew them. And I haven’t even mentioned their vocabulary yet. I had to look up nearly a half of the words I read! I exaggerate only a little. Needless to say, I am quite inspired to write about my own life and experiences. Perhaps not as interesting as their lives,  but hey it’s my life. I do hope that one day, I could write as well as they do. Well, I guess this concludes my “Blog number one”. Teehee! Wow, now that’s queerly exciting.