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My David & Goliath Story

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Well, before my freshman school year had started, my bro and I was looking at the choices of the sports I can do. I have never done a sport, so the list of sports looked all new to me. I really didn’t want to do PE, so I was compelled to take a sport. None of them caught my eye. I didn’t find any of them interesting. Back then, I was a pretty scrawny kid, so me and my bro joked about me doing wrestling. HAH! Back then that was just a hilarious joke. I pictured a stick and a big play-dough ball smashing into each other. Definitely not my sport. But then all the other ones seemed… I don’t know, not fitting to me… So, me and my bro we were just like, whatever, let’s just put you into Wrestling, it’ll be funny. I laughed along uncomfortably. School began; I attended the wrestling classes, bam! All the drills, practices, and condition, totally shook my body up. I have never exhausted myself to such extent before. It was… hm.. What’s the word.. Rejuvenating. A few weeks later, I began to show some talent in wrestling. It was exhilarating, definitely not easy, but exciting. Soon after, our season finally began. It was at the Irvine High school when I had my first official match ever. Most people knew I had talent, but they weren’t completely sure, as they have never seen me wrestle an official match. My first match was against Nam Tram. Oh man. Nam Tram. This guy was a celebrity at Irvine High. He had posters stuck on the walls of the school. They called him “Nam the Knock Out Tram”. When I saw these posters and heard these rumors, my legs turned into jello. My heart dissolved into my stomach. My arms loosened. God, this was not a pleasant feeling. I was going to have my very first match against this stud!? I never even wore a singlet in public, and im going have to wrestle him in my first match!? Lord, Jesus, please help me. Help me. Don’t embarrass me. Ironically, I was the first match up. There I stood. Thighs gleaming. Arms trembling. In my ridiculous singlet. Face to Face with “The Nam Tram”. Have you ever had a moment when time seemed to slow down? Well, it happened to me as the referee stuck his hand in the air and blew the whistle. My first match has begun. Thoughts burst in my head. “What should I do?” “Am I going to Lose!?”
“He’s so buff!” “Help me God!” Then suddenly, in my thoughts, I hear my brother encouraging me that “I’m the best, and I will win”. To me, this is really special. So I flexed my body, gripped him by the legs, and wrestled for my pride. The feeling, when wrestling, was something I never felt before. Everyone’s cheers and jeers become muffled. I lose my peripheral vision. My eyes become focused onto one thing. My opponent. I wrestled for the first time in my life. After the match has ended, I was clueless who won (the winner of the match is depended on who has the most points, or whoever pins the opponent first). I glanced at the score board. The referee blew his whistle, hard, as he lifted up my hands in victory. I had won… barely, but I won, against “Nam the Knockout Tram”. My chest puffed up in pride. I couldn’t believe it, so I thanked the Lord. So why do I love wrestling? It’s the excitement of stepping on the mat, embracing all the possibilities that will come upon me. After winning that match, I also won the other three matches, which made me an undefeated Irvine City Champ. This, was the spark and beginning of my wrestling adventures. As Coach Stegmaier recognized my talent, I was given the privilege to wrestle for the varsity team. I won a couple of matches and earned some medals… it was great. A blessing. Before every match, I would get super nervous and it would hurt me a lot, because just the thought of fighting someone you don’t even know, in front of a huge crowd, frightened me. Those moments were the most painful feelings. More painful than the actual wrestling. So, I would always pray to God before my match, and always, never forget that I am wrestling for him. Cause God, he’s the real man.


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