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Meet my new friend… and prisoner.

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This is my new, though non-furry, little friend. We call him Prayman.

We captured him outside our balcony and believe me, it was not easy. Not easy emotionally for me, anyways. I’m sauce when it comes to insects and bugs. Foxes and wolves yeah, I’ll beat them to the ground, but slimey bugs and insects, no, I’m screamin’ and I don’t care who hears me. My mom helped me (so what?) capture it. Well, I guess it’d be more accurate to say that I helped her catch it. I just designed its jar-home. I think the final product is actually quite ingenious. First, I got a sliced edge of an apple and stuck through it a stiff tomato stem. The tomato stem had curls and several branches sprouting out of it so it gave it a nice artsy touch. I placed this inside of the jar. A couple of shredded pieces of lettuce and some baby carrots, and that jar-home is a done-deal. Looks like this:

That’s my big brother, not me.

A tad blurry, but still a success!

All this excitement and screaming over Prayman made me hungry. Praise God for moms who cook!


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