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What can I say, I’m inspired.

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I read a lot of blogs today. Quite honestly I am fascinated by how enjoyable viewing the world through other’s perspective can be. I am also in awe of their captivating writing styles. The word choice, syntax, the structure, everything! To think, ordinary people could be so… unordinary, intriguing. I found it just so easy reading their blogs, getting sucked into their world. It felt as if I had once lived in their lives, as if I actually knew them. And I haven’t even mentioned their vocabulary yet. I had to look up nearly a half of the words I read! I exaggerate only a little. Needless to say, I am quite inspired to write about my own life and experiences. Perhaps not as interesting as their lives,  but hey it’s my life. I do hope that one day, I could write as well as they do. Well, I guess this concludes my “Blog number one”. Teehee! Wow, now that’s queerly exciting.


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My name is Ed and I am a filmmaker.

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